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Committed to be a leader in the production and marketing of food products, beverages and daily necessities with the concept of Halal Toyyiban based on Principles, Inclusive, Relevant, Proactive, Innovative and Union.


Creating a platform for a fresher and more systematic business community to build a large empire as a legacy to future generations. Enliven and cultivate the values of new thinking practices for a maximum result characterized by maqasid and manhaj based on the value of knowledge and intercession.

We’re totally committed to making sure that you’re completely happy with our product quality. We guarantee you will receive the highest level of customer care along with our best quality products.


Proven & Effective

Suitable For All Ages

Vista Manhaj offers a complete range of specially formulated healthcare which are suitable for all ages. 

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Health + Wellness

Best Seller

Good health start from a healthy and nutritious diet with complete nutrients. Our products  come with complete nutrient that may help  our user  to recover and improve their lifestyle.  


Becollin colostrum milk increases calcium absorption and is good for bones. It is able to prevent bone decay (Osteoporosis) and rejuvenate the body's cells, brain, nerves and body organs


Botanical drink with high antioxidant and good for people who struggle to lose weight. It also very suitable for those who suffer from sinus problems, asthma, breathing, snoring, thyroid, swollen glands, nerve pain and body aches


Nutritious chocolate premix drink that contain Ginko Biloba, Lutien, Aquamin F and Enzy Brain Sharp PF. It is able to improve blood circulation, improve eye health & improve brain function

Therapy Gel

Multipurposes aromatheraphy gel comes with herbal formulation include Zizipus Mauritiana. It is an aromatherapy gel with cold sensation, non-greasy and fast acting


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