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Vista Manhaj Legacy

Established in April 2018 for the purpose of marketing daily necessities products. Leading on a small scale that only covers the market network of family relationships and friends at an early stage. Now rebranded in 2019 to enter a wider, bigger, more competitive and more challenging market and appear on par with the international legacy.

The word “Vista Manhaj” means a big house with a clearer new administrative team to expand the company’s legacy and empire.

Starting February 2019, Vista Manhaj builds a systematic, conducive and comprehensive business platform with a relaxed concept so that members and users can enjoy a solid and sustainable result.

Two taglines that support the spirit of togetherness and unity in the administration of the Vista Manhaj legacy in the construction of a more grand and secure legacy.

Objective . Mission

To produce quality products to consumers.
Enhance communication between stockists and customers through feedback and interaction.
Build trust and loyalty through innovation and improvement

Committed to be a leader in the production and marketing of food products, beverages and daily necessities with the concept of Halal Toyyiban based on Principles:

  • Inclusive
  • Relevant
  • Proactive
  • Innovative
  • Union

Creating a platform for a fresher and more systematic business community to build a large empire as a legacy to future generations. Enliven and cultivate the values ​​of the practice of new thinking for a maximum result that is characterized by maqasid and manhaj based on the value of knowledge and intercession.